Davida Motophoto

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Davida Motophoto

Thursday 20th October 2011 from 7.30 pm

Motos Mazarias, Calle de San Pedro, 13, Madrid, 28014, Spain

Entry Free. All Welcome.

Davida Moto Photo is an eclectic collection of more than 200 printed images selected by Davida UK from images submitted by riders, photographers and magazines across the world. It also includes images from Mortons Media Archive, a diverse collection of tens of thousands of historic images, many of which have never been published. MotoPhoto spans every decade of motorcycling history from 1889 through to the present day.

Originally exhibited in Liverpool 2008, this a touring exhibition which has been shown four times over the past four years; 2009 Stockholm Ton Up and Rumble, 2010 Sideburn Magazine Party in Wigan, 2010 Lahti Motorcycle Expo, Finland and more recently the 2011 Burning Man Festival in Nevada Desert, USA. Each time MotoPhoto is shown it grows and evolves to include new images. We invite you to submit your own photographs out in the wild on your bike, or just down the café, historic or contemporary motorcycle related with interesting content or aesthetic value. We will select and show at the exhibition.

Submissions: Send your own images to info@davidamotophoto.com 1 photograph per email as JPEGs between 2.5 - 7MB. No more than 2 photographs per person. Send larger image files by FTP. CLOSING DATE FOR SUBMISSIONS Friday 14th October 2011.
Credits: Also send the following information: Photographers name, submitters name if different, date photograph taken place or event if known. We can only include images which have copyright owners permission.

Moto Photo Madrid is presented by Antonio Merinero and supported by Motociclismo Clasico, ChopperOn and Caferacerpassion.com and will be open to the public during shop hours on Friday 21st and Saturday 22nd 2011.



You can see a small selection of the images here.

Here is a video of the Liverpool Motophoto Exhibition filmed and edited by Schuab.


We invite submissions from around the world, and have also been very fortunate to have had access to Mortons archive of motorcycle images going back to earliest days of motorcycling.

This exhibition could not have happened without the support of so many of you. Special thanks though must go to Sharon Underhill, whose passion for the project really made it happen, Pete Davies, who took care of organising the printing ,and finally Moorfields Photography in Liverpool and Lt Print group in Birkenhead who really got behind the idea and effectively made it feasible.


David Fiddaman ( Fid the Lid )


Exhibition Concept & Design Thanks To: Davida ,The Classic Motorcycle, Mortons Archive ,Moorfields Photographic , LT Print Group ,Cellcreative .


Email: info@davidamotophoto.com